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1983/04/27 - Auburn

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Napisano 21 lipca 2010 - 21:04

Na pojawił się prawdziwy rarytas! Po 27 latach doczekaliśmy się premiery bootlegu z Auburn z trasy War Tour.

Jak na razie nagranie dostępne jest we flacach.


uploaded on u2torrents, see below.

FIRST TIME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!
FROM MASTER CASSETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
27 YEARS IN THE WAITING!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ARE YOU READY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cayuga County Community College Spartan Hall
Auburn, NY

I threw a brick through a window
A day without me
Sunday bloody sunday
The cry>
The electric co. (bring on the clowns snippet)
I fall down
October >
New years day
Two hearts beat as one (lets twist again snippet)
Out of control

11 o'clock tic toc (drowning man snippet)
I will follow

Happy Birthday (Joe O'Herlihy)

Recording information:
80-'83 circa, aiwa, stereo, battery powered, condenser type mics, headphone mounted by ears,?thereby, partially "binaural> Sharp handheld recorder (circa 80-83, stereo, fm, walkman size,4 band equalizer,anyone know this model?); no dolby > Ampex 370 cassette > Sony CFS-1035 > 1/8" mini cord headphone out/mic in > hp pavillion zt3017WM w/soundmax integrated digital audio > spin it again v1.1 > wav > Audacity > aiff > flac

Taper: nowurtalkin (Jeff Silverberg)
Artwork/editing: Jeff Topping

Hello U2 Fans. "Thank you" is not enough! We are forever indebted to Mr. Jeff Silverberg for this show. 27 years ago he went a few blocks from home to this show, and brought his recorder. Being an avid taper, the tape became "set aside" amongst so many other master recordings he had. A few weeks ago he contacted me and asked if I'd be interested in a U2 show he had recorded back in 1983. I quickly realized that this show in Auburn NY has no known sources, or setlist. So together we were able to get a decent digital transfer out of that old cassette and other than some very minimal noise reduction, there has been no enhancements made to this recording at all. We felt that this was the truest most genuine way of sharing this show. We predict that at some point in the future the recording may be given an expert remastering if it is warranted.

While we worked on this, he shared memories of the show that add to its delight. The tiny gymnasium, Bono climbing the PA stacks with the white flag, and as Jeff described, the crowd going screaming and going crazy for an encore. He has included a photo of the gym (spartan hall).

Above you will find as much technical information as we could present. PLEASE SHARE, but do not convert to mp3 and share, if it can be prevented.

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