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1985-04-15 - East Rutherford (***)

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1985-04-15 - East Rutherford (***)

01 - 11 O'Clock Tick Tock [In Progr (3:03)
02 - I Will Follow (3:56)
03 - Seconds (4:03)
04 - Mlk - 05 - Unforgettable Fire (7:56)
05 - Wire (4:35)
06 - Sunday Bloody Sunday (6:03)
07 - The Cry - Electric Co. (7:41)
08 - A Sort of Homecoming (4:33)
09 - Bono Talk - Bad [In Progress] (18:18)
10 - October 12 - New Year's Day (7:36)
11 - Pride (In the Name of Love) (3:23)
12 - Party Girl (10:05)
13 - 40 (5:44)

From Pimm Jal de la Parra's book:
Back to the regular set but with a strong finale. "Well it's been three nights here in New Jersey" Bono acknowledges. "this is the last night in a whole series of dates in and around New York. "He explains that after some reservations he at last feels at home in New York and he thanks the audience for their hospitality. "It's hard to know what to say without repeating yourself. You always repeat yourself again. You say what you mean. you tell the truth. At one stage, when we first come to New York, we were really frightened of playing large arenas like this. We thought that it just belonged to all the groups that we didn't wanna belong to. And that is until we saw one persona play in Wembley Arena in London, and that shames our feeling about these buildings. You know this person very well, his name is Bruce Springsteen". This becomes a cue for the shouts of "Broooooce" tha occur at all Springsteen concerts. "We saw Springsteen and his E. Street Band and we just waw someone who could turn these large buildings into small, intimate palces. We feel very much that that's what happened over the last tour and I hope you feel the same way. This is the song that....often when you write songs, you think you write them about someone else but you're really writing about yourself. It's a song called Bad."

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